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Work Life Balance? Yes, it's possible!

Online or classroom workshop

Program description​


90-minute introductory workshop in which I show how to achieve a healthy work-life balance despite a family and a demanding job.


This webinar is based on the blog 5 tips for a work life balance despite family and demanding job and is ideal for companies, associations or education providers who care about the health and satisfaction of their members and employees or who want to make the topic accessible to a wider audience.


The workshop is designed to be interactive with exercises to participate in during the workshop or to do at home. At the end there is the opportunity to ask individual questions.​​​

Target group

Professionals and managers in different phases of life who suffer from time pressure or want to change something in their lives.  

The topics of the workshop include questions such as "How important are work, friends, sports, ..." and "How do I reconcile this with my lifestyle?" It is therefore also well suited for taking stock of where you are and getting ideas for shaping your life in the future.


Duration: 90 minutes or customized

Price: on request

Language: German or English

Workshop objectives

  • You see the positive sides of your current situation.

  • You look at where you want to go and how you could achieve this.

  • You gain self-confidence and activate your resilience.

  • You see that you are not alone with your issues and know what steps you can take to better achieve your goals.

  • You already put the first steps into practice and receive further exercises that you can do for yourself in more depth.

Current one-day seminar on the topic (open to everyone):

Work Life Balance | Weiterbildung (


SangaMitra Prayaga, PMI Switzerland Chapter, Virtual Events Team 

"Monika held a great online workshop for PMI Switzerland on May 20, 2021 on the topic of Work-Life Balance. The participants learned to create a healthier life by allowing themselves regular “Me Time”. They got exercises to find out their true values and mission statement, learned how important it is to challenge their priorities and to set boundaries in order to advocate for their needs. More than 40 people attended and Monika engaged the whole group to participate. She also gave many tips on practical time management issues and we could all take away fresh ideas with us. By taking part in the exercises myself, I could feel Monika’s passion, see her extensive knowledge in the topic and appreciate her honesty. Everything came across brilliantly. It has been a real pleasure working with Monika to organize this event. I hope that we can work together many times in the future."

Janneta Atayan, Accountant, Combat Networks Canada

"I met Monika in the workshop "Create your healthy Work-Life Balance by allowing yourself regular Me-Time" hosted by PMI Switzerland. Her way of working was very friendly and inspiring. It engaged the audience from all parts of the world and showed that we are all going through similar experiences, regardless of where we are from. I particularly liked the short exercises when the participants could anonymously share their thoughts. It felt like having a conversation with others and being connected. My takeaways of the course are: it is good to share your experience and challenges, it doesn’t take as much effort as it seemed to make some positive changes in my life, and it is good to have someone who can give the little tips and guideline that will help to make some big changes in my life. I would recommend Monika as a trainer and coach. I will definitely try to participate in any future workshops hosted by Monika."

Manuel Vögtli, Head Business Development, Kistler Group

"I have attended an online workshop hosted by PMI Switzerland where Monika did a great presentation regarding Work-Life-Balance. Monika has managed to energize the participants for this important topic. Besides the theoretical input, she balanced the presentation really well with break-out sessions for individual exercises. For sure, Monika was able to inspire me for this important topic and I would definitely go back to her for further inputs and mentoring regarding Work-Life-Balance."

Patricia Zweifel & Katrin Küchler from Culture, Diversity & Leadership Development, University of Basel

"Monika succinctly introduced the concept of mental fitness in a three-hour work-life balance workshop online. With many useful tips on how to approach everyday life in a more relaxed and efficient way, she encouraged the participants to implement this change in their own practice in a sustainable way. We can highly recommend Monika for this format, she is not only an expert - and a "role model" in the field - but also conveys her content very well in English."

Why 3C Keller?

Monika has struggled through the jungle of work-life balance herself. She knows how to deal with challenges and resistance and encourages you to find your own way. So that it also fits for you!


As a trained mediator, adult educator, mental fitness coach (CPQC) and project management professional, she will help you create a plan and define the first steps on your path. If you want, she can also accompany you on your way over a longer period of time, so that you stay on course and learn how to deal with stumbling blocks even better and not lose sight of your goals. Together we are strong!

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