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Sharing is Caring – Sharing gainful employment and care work between partners. How to make it work.

Online or classroom workshop

Program description​


How can we prevent care work from automatically ending up with women? What family models exist at all and what challenges do they bring with them? How could these be counteracted? What could a partnership-based division of gainful employment and care work look like? What would help? What ideas are there? What new working time models support the cause and how can you convince your superiors of this? How can conflicts be addressed?

In this online introductory workshop or also in the half-day classroom workshop, we deal intensively with these and other questions. After brief theoretical inputs, participants exchange ideas in small groups and can ask their individual questions.

Target group


Well-educated specialists and executives who want to reconcile work and family life and are looking for solutions on how to make this even more partnership-oriented.


Duration: 120 minutes (online), 2 x 90 minutes half-day classroom workshop

Price: on request

Language: German or English

Workshop objectives

  • Strengthen your own attitude towards the topic. 

  • Get new food for thought to take up the topic with the partner or the employer. Broadening of perspective.

  • Exchange with peers.



Hanna Wolf, ETH-Equal! - The Office of Equal Opportunities and Diversity at ETH Zurich

"Monika has developed and conducted an online workshop for Equal!-Office for Equal Opportunities and Diversity at ETH Zurich on the topic of "Sharing is Caring - How to share the load of paid and unpaid work on an equal footing". It was important to us that the participants have the opportunity to actively participate and exchange ideas with each other so that they can also work out solutions themselves. Due to the Covid19 situation, the workshop took place online. It was fully booked within a few minutes. This shows how relevant the topic is. Monika gave insights into the everyday life of some couples and was thus able to immediately show the challenges of the different family models based on real practical cases. She gave the participants professional advice and led them to a broadening of their horizons with many "aha moments". We would be happy to offer the workshop another time for our staff."

Anna G. on the workshop "Sharing is Caring", which Monika was allowed to conduct for ETH Diversity

"I thought at first two hours online workshop is long, but the time went by quickly and the workshop was didactically and methodically very well structured! There was time for self-reflection, exchange and many great inputs! I could profit enormously and took a lot for myself. For example, great ideas for new working time models and also new inputs and methods for addressing differences of opinion. This is how adult education should be!"

Why 3C Keller?


Monika has been looking for ways to balance child and career for years. And doing it in a way that works for everyone involved. She lives in a patchwork family with four children and was a single parent in an executive position. She therefore knows first-hand what helps parents to reconcile different needs and what employers can do so that they do not lose their talents.


As a trained mediator, adult educator and project management professional, she will help you create a plan and define the first steps on your path. If you want, she can also accompany you on your way over a longer period of time, so that you stay on course and learn how to deal with stumbling blocks even better and not lose sight of your goals. Together we are strong!

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