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Customer voice

Catherine D,
Translator and Language Manager

"Thanks to working with Monika, I was able to take a distance from my situation (personal and professional) and have a bird's eye view of it. Suddenly I realized that there are solutions and new possibilities and I saw exciting perspectives. After each coaching session with Monika, I feel that I can make a difference myself and that I am not at the mercy of circumstances. I am full of hope and drive."

Martina Kosir,
Event Manager at Kaufmännischer Verband Zürich

"The Kaufmännische Verband Zürich has realized an online event with Monika Keller on the topic "My values, my path - how to actively shape your life". As a speaker, Monika Keller was very credible, competent and "close" to the participants. The cooperation was very pleasant and professional. The participants were allowed to deal intensively with themselves at this event, always well guided by Monika Keller. We are happy to recommend Monika as a speaker and for workshops and would like to take this opportunity to thank her again for her cooperation."

Birgit Fuhrmann,
Operational Manager Research and Work Area Technical Communication, ZHAW Winterthur

"I got to know Monika as a coach & speaker at the PMI workshop on "Work Life Balance" and was very inspired by the workshop. Monika visualized the topic well and communicated it interactively. My personal takeaways are: let go of the past and be in the here and now, a new start is possible now and at any time, just do it and take the leap into the new. My aha moment was the gratitude exercise which immediately gave me a positive feeling. Thanks for the great workshop and awareness." 😀👍

Hanna Wolf,
Equal! – The Office of Equal Opportunities and Diversity at ETH Zurich

"Monika has developed and conducted an online workshop for Equal!-Office for Equal Opportunities and Diversity at ETH Zurich on the topic of "Sharing is Caring - How to share the load of paid and unpaid work on an equal footing". It was important to us that the participants have the opportunity to actively participate and exchange ideas with each other so that they can also work out solutions themselves. Due to the Covid19 situation, the workshop took place online. It was fully booked within a few minutes. This shows how relevant the topic is. Monika gave insights into the everyday life of some couples and was thus able to immediately show the challenges of the different family models based on real practical cases. She gave the participants professional advice and led them to a broadening of their horizons with many "aha moments". We would be happy to offer the workshop another time for our staff. "

Andrea Thomas-Spengler,
Head Continuous Education Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

"Monika has developed a didactic concept for a new continuing education course at the ZHAW Institute of Translation and Interpreting that focuses specifically on the coordination of face-to-face and online elements. Monika was very circumspect in developing the concept, did extensive research and was very well oriented to the given framework and needs. The result is a didactically mature and inspiring concept that could be implemented in a very concrete way. One point that is central to us - namely the practical transfer of what has been learned and the direct benefit for the participants of the further training - can be directly implemented with the help of the concept. The further training course based on the concept should start soon and we are looking forward to seeing the direct benefits for the participants. I can highly recommend Monika for the development of didactic concepts."

Cristina Floris,
Team Leader Italian Language Services, Swiss Life AG, Zurich

"Monika is a talented teacher with a rare combination of expertise, enthusiasm and patience! I am happy to have attended the course in Project and Risk Management for LSPs at ZHAW with Monika. She is a coach who is not only interested in the direct outcome of the course, but also in the professional development of her students. I can recommend Monika for courses, workshops and coaching, both online and in person, and have benefited greatly from her experience."

Eleonora Bidetti,
Italian Translator, Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs (BLV)

"I was very pleased to get to know Monika as a lecturer and course leader of the ZHAW course in project and risk management. She is an excellent professional who communicates the content in a clear and varied way thanks to her competence, professionalism and passion for the topics. She leads the group very well and gives recommendations, not only in the course but also for the future."

Philipp Rein,
Manager Translations, Lead of Project Management,
Five Office Ltd., Wetzikon

"From the course "Best Practice in Project and Risk Management according to PMI" I could take a lot with me and learn how to help a project to succeed. Basic concepts were explained and all course participants were able to present their project on several occasions. Monika always asked critical questions that made me think outside the box and outside my comfort zone, and made me realize some things I wouldn't have thought of on my own. The feedback from Monika and the other participants was always very helpful and at the same time very appreciative. I also liked the fact that the course took place alternately on site and in self-study. That way I was able to work on things in the group but also alone. On the self-study days, there was always a question and answer session with Monika over MS Teams or Zoom if you were stuck with something. In addition, everyone had a tandem partner, so that any questions could be clarified among themselves and help each other. So it was a very profitable course, which I can recommend without reservation."

Nicole Carnal,
Head MA Applied Linguistics at ZHAW

"Monika developed the rough concept for the new course "Translation Consulting" in the Master of Applied Linguistics, including practice-oriented didactics, and fulfilled her teaching assignment conscientiously and with great personal commitment. It was close to her heart to give her students insights into consulting and translation management, to give them an understanding of her own many years of experience in translation practice and to give them concrete skills in conversation and consulting for their future professional life. Due to the ZHAW's security concept in extraordinary Covid19 situation, Monika smoothly switched her course to distance learning with the help of MS Teams and Moodle from 16 March 2020.
In addition, she taught a 4-hour block in project management each in the autumn semesters 2018 and 2019 as part of the subject "Extended translational competence".
With her approachable, friendly and very open manner, Monika picks up her students at their respective level of knowledge and motivates them. It was not difficult for her to gain the trust of the students as well as her colleagues."

Senior Project Manager at Lionbridge

"What I have always appreciated about Monika is that she always thought laterally and asked the unpleasant questions. At first sight this wasn't easy for those in the lead, but in the end we had a better result - thanks to her input! Monika definitely left a lasting footprint."

at ZHAW course translation consulting

"Monika's lessons are very varied and exciting. It enabled me to participate really actively, because I could try out many things myself. I especially liked the familiar atmosphere. You dare to show weaknesses and try new things and you can show yourself just the way you are. The case studies based on real practical situations and discussions will help me a lot for my further professional life."

Project Manager at ABB Switzerland

"Monika has been my mentor through the PMI organization and since the beginning we managed to establish a good and trusting relationship. She has helped me with various real-life situations through sharing experience as well as using various mentoring and coaching methods. She has been very open and supportive in helping me achieve my professional objectives. I would highly recommend Monika as a coach/mentor."

Alexandra Finkestein-Feller,
Senior Project Manager Banking, Credit Suisse

"I have known Monika for more than 15 years. She has always helped me reflect on my own challenges, questioned myself on my wishes and brainstormed on the many different ways to get where I wanted to go. She is very well structured, enthusiastic, always embraces change, supported me in keeping my objectives in mind, showing that everything is possible, with a plan, patience and willingness. I would highly recommend Monika as a coach, for real life situations both professionally and personally."

Gloria Dell’Agnola,
Translator at ÖKK health and accident Insurance

"I am happy that I participated in Monika's 5-day course on project and risk management. As a translator who manages more and more strategic projects in the company, I appreciated that the course was specifically designed for translators and active language services. Monika is a competent professional who is passionate about her work. I highly recommend her for courses, workshops and coaching, online and in person."

Elise Varin,
Head of French and Italian Language Services, CRB, Zurich

"My participation in Monika Keller's course "Best Practice in Project and Risk Management according to PMI" was very beneficial. Monika was able to impart a great deal of her extensive knowledge during the five-day course, both in the area of leadership and in modern translation management. I found her practical examples particularly exciting and that she was also able to respond to the individual situations of the participants. I was very pleased to be there and I have been using what I learned on a daily basis ever since. The concept of the course - face-to-face teaching in combination with distance learning - is also very cleverly done and gives all course participants the opportunity to consolidate what they have learned at home and not to forget it again. Very valuable was also the close exchange of competences between the course participants, which was created by modern didactic methods. I am very happy to recommend this course and would immediately participate again as soon as the opportunity arises."

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