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Coaching | Sparring

Online or walk and talk in Zurich

Program description

Individual support on a topic of your choice. I am available to you for 6 months as a coach and sparring partner and give you an outside perspective on your topics, especially in the area of work-life balance and (self-)leadership. In addition, you will receive individual assignments in each session, which you will work on until the next session.

Basic Package: Coaching & Sparring for 6 months.

The package includes the following services:

  • Get-to-know-you meeting of 30 minutes (online and without obligation, because only if the chemistry between us is right can we achieve good results).

  • 6 months accompaniment.

  • Monthly 1:1 appointment of 60 - 90 minutes - (six 1:1 appointments in 6 months), online or walk & talk in Zurich.

  • In between, you have the option to ask for feedback via voice message or email, if you are stuck or just have a quick question. You will usually receive an answer within 48 hours.

What I expect from you:

You determine the topics and your goals yourself. We will look at them together in the first session and agree on the priorities for the next 6 months. You report immediately if something bothers you or something doesn't go your way. You can renew the package after 6 months or let it expire.


What you can expect from me:

Through different questioning techniques and exercises I challenge you and open up new perspectives. I offer you my versatile know-how and experience. I support you in becoming aware of your very own strengths and inner saboteurs and thus to be able to make clear-headed decisions.

Your benefit:

  • Better performance

  • More wellbeing and happiness

  • Better relationships

Money back guarantee:

I expect a lot from you, but I also give a lot. If after two sessions you find that you are not getting closer to your goal with me, you will get your remaining money back.

You want to progress even faster:

I also offer premium packages where you get additional services and progress even faster. If you are interested, ask me for a quote.

6-week Mental Fitness Program from Positive Intelligence 

With the Premium package, I give you bonus access to the proven 6-week program from Positive Intelligence (good English skills and a modern smart phone are required). You strengthen your mental muscles with the help of a mobile app, independent of time and place, so that you can get through your hectic everyday life even more calmly and thoughtfully. For me, the program was a game changer. I am happy to tell you why in a personal conversation.

More info on: Program | Positive Intelligence

Short coaching / analysis / specific question

There is also the possibility to look at a current challenge or question with me in a short coaching session. In a non-binding chemistry call (online) of 30 minutes, you tell me more about your topic, why now and what you would like to achieve with coaching. We will see if we like each other and if the topic is something I can help you with. If yes and you also want to move on, we discuss what we want to achieve in a 1:1 coaching of 60 to 90 minutes and book a follow-up. 

Your investment for the short coaching is a flat rate of CHF 480.

If desired, you can book follow-ups or switch to a 6-month coaching package.

​Target group


Women in senior or management positions with an individual issue they want to work on.


Duration: 6 months or by arrangement.

Price: Basic Package, flat rate CHF 2500 (equals CHF 416 / month for at least 6 months), payable 30 days after order confirmation.

Language: German or English


Catherine D., Translator and Language Manager

"Thanks to working with Monika, I was able to take a distance from my situation (personal and professional) and have a bird's eye view of it.


Suddenly I realized that there are solutions and new possibilities and I saw exciting perspectives.


After each coaching session with Monika, I feel that I can make a difference myself and that I am not at the mercy of circumstances. I am full of hope and drive.


I have made three important realizations: 1. that there are always several scenarios and not just the one. 2. that sometimes a small change is enough to bring about great things. 3. that the solution to a problem often lies within oneself.

I find the practical exercises (e.g. the gratitude exercise or practicing not to do everything perfectly) and the knowledge about communication and conversation skills that Monika imparts very useful. It is also important for me to have an external view. It helps me make decisions and stay focused.

I would recommend coaching with Monika to any person who wants to make a difference or optimize something in their (professional) life. Coaching with Monika is in itself a big step forward because it triggers a change dynamic. For me, it has something adventurous because it has given my life an unexpected twist!"

Regina Diepold, Founder

"The coaching with Monika was very inspiring. She gives great impulses and has many creative ideas. She also recognises the inner saboteurs very quickly. Monika is a very positive, warm-hearted woman who radiates this in every sentence and every gesture. This is so contagious that after the coaching you are not only in a good mood, but you take away plenty of motivation and also many great new ideas. As a founder in the "early stages", I can definitely recommend Monika!"

Silvia Currò, Managing Director Translation Office

"I just had a coaching session with Monika and it was an extremely pleasing hour, in which she literally opened my eyes to my future prospects, to revamp my business, to be able to effectively use my experience both professionally and personally, and, most importantly, to finally devote time to myself as well! Thank you, Monika!"

Alexandra Finkestein-Feller, Senior Project Manager Banking, Credit Suisse

"I have known Monika for more than 15 years. She has always helped me reflect on my own challenges, questioned myself on my wishes and brainstormed on the many different ways to get where I wanted to go. She is very well structured, enthusiastic, always embraces change, supported me in keeping my objectives in mind, showing that everything is possible, with a plan, patience and willingness. I would highly recommend Monika as a coach, for real life situations both professionally and personally."

S. S., Project Manager at ABB Schweiz

"Monika has been my mentor through the PMI organization and since the beginning we managed to establish a good and trusting relationship. She has helped me with various real-life situations through sharing experience as well as using various mentoring and coaching methods. She has been very open and supportive in helping me achieve my professional objectives. I would highly recommend Monika as a coach/mentor."

Why 3C Keller?


It is important to me that we meet at eye level. We start where you are right now. There is no right and no wrong. You set the pace and the goals.


As a trained mediator, mental fitness coach, adult educator and project management professional, I will help you find your individual path, create a plan, accompany you during implementation and, as a sparring partner, keep giving you little nudges so that you don't get off course. Together we are strong!

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