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"Don't find customers for your products, find products for your customers."

Seth Godin

Lunch & Learn

for corporate clients or associations - online or on site

Would you like the whole team to participate in a training course, but you can't spare a whole day? Or do you have members that are burning to learn about a topic? Then a small workshop over lunch is the perfect offer for you.

After a short input on topics of your choice from the areas of work-life balance, reconciliation of work and family, new leadership or new work, the employees will deepen what they have heard by means of small exercises and apply it in a practical way.

In a Q&A, employees have the opportunity to ask individual questions. If desired, further topics can be included and deepened in a follow-up workshop. In this way a lot can be achieved with little effort.

Interested? Tell me about the topics you'd like to have covered or describe your situation and I will make you a proposal.

Here is a sample of a 90 minute online-workshop:

Concept message LUNCH and LEARN and ligh

The Project Management Clinic

for companies or private persons

Imagine you jump in on a project and nothing is settled: Neither who is responsible for what nor how and where the project documents are filed. What possibilities do you have to influence things in a positive way so that your task gives you pleasure and doesn't drive you crazy? Come to the Project Management Clinic for these and other topics in a consultation hour.

How does it work?

The consultation hours (at least 4 every 2 months) are offered on certain days in the premises of your company. Alternatively, the consultations can also take place online (e.g. via Skype). 

The project managers are invited by the company to sign up for a supportive counselling interview of about 45 - 60 minutes. The content is confidential.

What does the company gain from this?

The project managers have access to an independent, certified project manager and adult educator and can use her as a sparring partner for their current challenges.

The project management skills of the employees are individually promoted and developed by the expert.

Minimum duration of company mentoring or coaching:

6 months (min. 12 hours).

Register now for a free consultation on how to proceed.

Coaching / Sparring

for private persons (also possible online or as "walk & talk")

Do you long to change professionally or privately or work towards a specific goal? I accompany you on your way by applying systemic coaching and offer you my decades of experience as a successful project manager, expertise as a coach and mentor, and diverse experience in personal development. In addition, as a federally certified trainer & coach, I have learned how to professionally accompany and empower people.


My own strengths: See the whole picture, focus, set objectives, persevere. Actively manage your situation and realign the course if you have to.

Would you like to make an interpretation in a one-on-one meeting and take a bird's eye view of your situation? Do you need feedback on your perception or a crazy idea? Or do you already have a concrete goal and would like to have a longer-term support for the planning and implementation? All this is possible.

Tell me in a free and non-binding first call about your situation. That way we can both test whether the chemistry is right and what offer best fits your situation.


Everything is easier with a coach! In order for you to reach B, you need a decision to start from A in the first place... What more do you need to make you dare to change your life forever?


Conflict Perspective Analysis

The Conflict Perspective Analysis (CPA) is a proven instrument from mediation. I support you to constructively analyse and work on a conflict - also with your own inner team.

You learn to put yourself in the position of others or to perceive yourself holistically and to understand yourself better.


Visualization and a change of perspective help you find new possibilities and solutions for your concrete situation.

The short coaching takes 1.5 - 2 hours and takes place in my office or online.


What are you struggling with? Try out a CPA and see for yourself how it may widen your horizon.

Individual workshop day

Do you need a moderator or instructor for your workshop? Benefit from my decades of experience as a project leader and certified adult educator.

Three examples:

You want to become a family-friendly employer and want your employees to have more clarity and awareness on topics such as work-life balance, a partnership-based distribution of paid work and care work, or new working time models. Tell me what you want to achieve in a free introductory meeting. I will be happy to take a closer look at your needs and together we will discuss how we can bring your employees forward in a sustainable way, so that the change will also be noticeable and visible in everyday practice. 

Introduction of a new workflow that changes the previous work processes for your employees:

In a workshop, I conduct a proven change management method with your team leaders. The results serve as a basis for you to formulate your "cascading message" on the planned change to the workforce. The management team gains more clarity about the project and any knowledge gaps and can communicate opportunities and risks better internally and externally. This creates trust and motivates employees to actively shape and implement the change.

I also develop blended learning courses and accompany you in building up your own train-the-trainer concepts in project management, conflict management or for work-life balance topics. Tell me what you have in mind and I will accompany you on the way as an experienced concept developer, mentor, coach, mediator and trainer.

Prices for workshops and courses: On request

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