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"Don't find customers for your products, find products for your customers."

Seth Godin


Mental Fitness Program

8 weeks of intensive mental fitness program

For women who want to take control of their professional and personal lives with confidence.

Your investment to become more courageous and self-confident.

Learn more about the Mental Fitness Program.


Work-Life-Balance? Yes, it's possible!

Online or Classroom Workshop

90 minute introductory workshop in which I show how a work-life balance can be achieved despite a family and a demanding job.


Ideal for companies, associations or education providers - interactively designed.

Learn more about the Work-Life-Balance-Workshop


Part-time Leadership

Online or Classroom Workshop

How do I lead a team if I work part-time or if members of my team work part-time? What tips and tricks are there for communication tools and work models? How do I set boundaries?

Interactive 90-minute workshop

Learn more about the Part-time Leadership Workshop


Sharing is Caring – Sharing gainful employment and care work between partners. How to make it possible.

Online introductory workshop or classroom half-day workshop

I give inputs on different family models, advantages and disadvantages and on how to deal with challenges. We discuss in small groups (breakout rooms) topics around compatibility, new working time models, negotiating with the partner or the employer and dealing with conflict situations.

120 minutes online workshop or half-day classroom workshop.

Learn more about the Sharing is Caring workshop


Child or career? Both please!

Online introductory workshop or classroom half-day workshop

Today's women (and more and more men) no longer want to do without one or the other. Why should they? The 30 - 45 year olds are highly educated, highly motivated and not afraid to try new things.

In this 120-minute online workshop or a half-day classroom workshop, we'll talk about new work models, the challenges of part-time work, leading part-time, and home office.

Learn more about the Child or Career Workshop


Leading hybrid and virtual teams

Online-Workshop, small group from 3 participants

How do I lead a team when everyone is in a different office or at home? How do I train new employees at home and abroad or conduct a kick-off meeting for a project when most of it is to take place online? How do I lead hybrid teams?


In this 90-minute interactive workshop, you'll be part of the lesson yourself.

Learn more about the Leading Virtual Teams Workshop


Coaching & Sparring

Online or Walk and Talk in Zurich

There are two types of coaching / sparring that I offer you:

1. Accompaniment over 6 months (longer if needed).

I accompany you in achieving an individual goal, e.g. professional reorientation, setting boundaries, being able to better distance yourself.


2. Support with a current challenge.

Want to take stock of a current challenge and get new ideas? I will support you.

Learn more about Coaching & Sparring

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Individual workshops

Online or Classroom Workshop

Do you need a moderator or course leader for your workshop? Benefit from my decades of experience as a project manager and certified adult educator and my wide-ranging experience with New Work.

Learn more about individual workshops

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