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Leading hybrid and virtual teams


Program description


How do I lead a team when everyone is in a different office or at home? Or if my team works partly at home (hybrid)? How do I train new employees at home and abroad or hold a kick-off meeting for a project when, for example, everything takes place predominantly online because of Corona? What proves itself? What should I pay attention to as a project manager or leader in this particular setting? 


In this active workshop, you become part of the teaching yourself. You exchange ideas in small groups in breakout rooms (virtual group rooms) on current issues. Afterwards, someone from your group presents the findings in plenary. The workshop leader complements and moderates. This way you can directly contribute your concrete situation and experiences. The theory/practice transfer is supported and you are strengthened in your leadership competence.

Requirements for participation: Interest in active exchange. Willingness to turn on the camera and become part of the workshop group. You can be a beginner in working with virtual and hybrid teams or already a professional.

  • New situations require new behaviors

  • Care work becomes even more important in the home office

  • Strengthen your team!

Target group

Ideal for companies, associations or education providers - interactively designed.

Minimum 3 people, maximum 20.

Project managers who lead teams at different locations and executives.

  • Managers and project leaders who lead people in the home office or work from the home office themselves

  • People who want to reflect on and further develop their leadership style


Duration: 90 minutes

Price: on request

Language: German or English

Workshop objectives

  • You will learn what challenges there are in leading virtual and hybrid teams and how you can meet them.

  • You actively exchange ideas with peers.

  • You reflect on your leadership style and strengthen your leadership skills.



Reto Schlegel, Familizy Switzerland, Customer Relations

"For many years I have worked with Monika Keller as a colleague in the language services industry. Our career and personal paths have led us to new horizons. Recently I have participated in two online workshops conducted by Monika on the topics of work-life balance and leading teams. As a facilitator and speaker Monika does a great job. Of course, she can build on her extensive experience and expertise in Project and Change Management and on her rich family life. Monika uses tools and techniques that serve her training and coaching purpose. As a participant I felt at every moment inspired, involved, and respected. Thank you for this enriching and heart-warming experience, dear Monika!"

Why 3C Keller?


Monika herself has worked in virtual and hybrid settings for years. A former manager and certified senior project manager for strategic projects at an international service company, she herself worked from her home office on a daily basis early on in order to better balance work and family. Her project teams and peers were based at various locations in Switzerland, but also all over the world.  


As a trained mediator, adult educator and project management professional, she will help you create a plan and define the first steps on your path. If you want, she can also accompany you on your way over a longer period of time, so that you stay on course and learn how to deal with stumbling blocks even better and not lose sight of your goals. Together we are strong!

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