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Child or career? Both please!

Online or classroom workshop

Program description


More and more well-educated people want both: children AND an exciting job. They no longer want to have to choose between the two. Employers should take this into account if they still want to retain the best talent in the future. New forms of work are in demand, and what is understood by "career" varies from individual to individual and does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with a 60-hour week.

We'll look at these questions, but also at different family models that promote a career, and three real-life examples for inspiration on how different couples have solved this for themselves.

In small groups, we discuss the challenges around part-time work and look at your own values around childcare and a fulfilling work life. You will also have the opportunity to think about how you can get your superiors on board so that you can implement your wishes.

Target group

Well-educated professionals and managers who are considering having children and how to balance that with an exciting job.


Duration: 120 minutes (online), 2 x 90 minutes in half-day classroom workshop

Price: on request

Language: German or English

Workshop objectives

  • Have clarity about one's own needs and ideas around the topic of children and career

  • Learn about different family models and reflect for yourself which one you would like to live and what that means.

  • Get to know different working time models that promote a work-life balance

  • Know arguments for part-time work and be able to represent your own needs to the employer



ETH-Alumni Workshop:

Combining child and career - a constant balancing act that pays off - Alumni | ETH Zürich

Emilie Bruchez, FernUni Switzerland

"Monika held an online workshop for the FernUni Switzerland alumni network on the topic of ''Combining Child and Career'', which I had the pleasure of organizing with her. Monika is a very pleasant and competent person, and I really enjoyed working with her on this event! Thanks again for the concrete and interesting inputs."

Why 3C Keller?

Monika has been looking for ways to balance work and family for years. And doing it in a way that works for everyone involved. She lives in a patchwork family with four children and was a single parent in an executive position. She therefore knows first-hand what helps parents to reconcile different needs and what employers can do so that they do not lose their talents.


As a trained mediator, adult educator, PQ coach and project management professional, she will help you create a plan and define the first steps on your path. If you want, she can also accompany you on your way over a longer period of time, so that you stay on course and learn how to deal with stumbling blocks even better and not lose sight of your goals. Together we are strong!

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