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Monika Keller

Entrepreneur, trainer and guide

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

What I do



I am Monika Keller, entrepreneur, trainer, coach and life designer.

I accompany women in professional or leadership positions to tackle challenges at work, but also to deal with issues around work-life balance. For companies and institutions, I conduct workshops and trainings and support employers in keeping their employees healthy and fit. This enables them to develop their full potential.

During consultations, I always take a holistic view of my client's current life situation. After all, we often have other challenges in addition to our jobs. Only with a 360-degree view is it possible to take the right measures and decisions.


My Vision

I believe that work and family can be reconciled. That there are ways to create a long-term healthy and fulfilling work-life balance. I am convinced that this will make us happier, more satisfied, and better parents, caregivers, employees, or managers. This is the first step to a healthier society - it starts with us. There is still a long way to go. It takes all of us to reach this goal. Accompanying people and organizations on this path is my life's work. I know that it can be done because I have experienced it myself. My life has not always been straightforward. Fate has repeatedly placed unwelcome stumbling blocks in my path. But I have learned from this and continue to do so.

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What has shaped me

I wanted to become a diplomat or work for the ICRC, emigrated to Australia. Then suddenly everything changed. I had a baby and was a single parent. I fell for a marriage scam. How could this happen to me? It was the hardest time in my life. And I was alone. I was so ashamed; I could not even tell my parents.

Instead of doing my MBA in Australia and buying a house, I came back to Switzerland and took a 70% management position. I was the first in the company to lead part-time. Later, I demanded home office days and flexible working hours, everything that is now known as "new work".

Life with restrictions was very difficult to cope with in places. Many things did not work (anymore) or not immediately.

Reconciling career and family was very painful. There was no work-life balance for me. I had to function. Today I can empathize well with people who are in similar situations. I support them to escape the treadmill and to find their own way. If someone grows wings and surpasses herself, I am happy. Will you come with me on this path? As a trained mediator, adult educator, and project management professional, I will help you to cut your own path.

Have I convinced you? Then contact me for a get-to-know meeting or for a quote. I look forward to our first conversation.


That's me

Adventurer: I grew up on a farm. I took my first flight when I was 18, to the USA and Canada. Many more trips followed. I fell in love with the city of Sydney and emigrated there soon after graduating. My first marathon project... Today I live in Zurich together with my husband and our patchwork family.

Pioneer: Can you have an exciting part-time job with a child? Yes, that is possible. A new partnership after a shock? Yes, it is possible. Is it possible to create your own job when there is none? Yes, that is also possible. I passionately believe that our potential is greater than we realize. To do it, even if no one has done it before. That is what sets me apart from others. I would be happy to accompany you in your project. And if you fail? Then learn from it - and just try again!

Contact me now for a get-to-know meeting or for a quote. I look forward to our first conversation.

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