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8 Week Mental Fitness Program

For women who want to take control of their professional and private lives with confidence.

Program description​


Imagine being able to stay calm, clear headed, stress-free and positive even when you are facing great challenges at work and in your personal life. How will this benefit you in terms of performance, peace of mind, well-being, and the quality of your relationships?


With the 8-week mental fitness program based on Shirzad Chamine's bestselling book "Positive Intelligence", you have the opportunity to take a deep look at your mindset and find out what really makes you tick and what is still preventing you from developing your full potential. You will receive valuable tools and methods on how to better master challenges in the future, become more relaxed, see more options and feel more joy in your (working) life. 

I (Monika Keller, certified PQ Coach) accompany you on your way.

What I offer you:


You get a 30-minute introductory and chemistry meeting, online and without obligation. This way we can clarify whether the program is right for you and whether we like each other. Both are important for the success of your project. Alternatively, you can take part in an info session and find out what it is all about and ask me your questions. I offer such info sessions online throughout the year. Ask me about the next date.

If the program appeals to you, sign up for the 8-week program. There is a start in the group several times a year, which gives you the opportunity to exchange learnings with other program participants. The exchange takes place once a week via online meeting.

You can also start individually without exchange in the group. As your guide, I am your accountability partner and we will do regular 1:1 check-ins / Q&A sessions throughout the program (customizable). Just approach me if that appeals to you more.

More information about Mental Fitness and a taste of PQ Reps

Your investment to become bolder and more self-determined:

  • 8 weeks intensive mental fitness program including a preparation week and an afterweek to deepen your learnings.

During the program, you will receive

  • 7 times a one-hour video by Coach Shirzad Chamine on a weekly topic (you can watch it each time within 3 days, when it suits you, usually over the weekend).

  • during the week daily 15 minutes of exercises for you (broken down into small pieces to integrate them into your busy day), so that you can train new habits in the hectic everyday life.

  • a weekly email from your personal coach Monika (me) with valuable information.

  • access to the audio book and a PDF of the first 8 chapters of the bestselling book by Shirzard Chamine, "Positive Intelligence".

If you want, you can do additional mindfulness exercises in the "Gym" (in Mental Fitness they are called "PQ Reps"), which will help you get through the day more calmly.

After the intensive training, you keep the app for a whole year without any follow-up costs and you can continue to train in the gym at your own pace.

  • Individual start and two live Q&A online sessions with me and a one-hour 1:1 debriefing session at the end including a saboteur assessment.

If you complete the program in a group (you can register together right away), you will also have the opportunity to share your learnings weekly in a self-organized online meeting.

Find more information about the app-based part of the training at: Program | Positive Intelligence.

Your investment for the complete program with personal accompaniment by Monika:

CHF 1850 (equivalent to CHF 231 / week)

If you want to enrol your entire team, ask me for a quote. 

  • Money back guarantee: If you follow the program as intended and you do not achieve any results within the first 30 days, your payment will be fully refunded.

I also recommend you to listen to Coach Shirzad Chamine's Ted Talk to find out more about what to expect.

Listen to what customers say who have already gone through the program:

Testimonial Lucy
Testimonial Eszter
Testimonial Andrea
Testimonial Karishma

Additional Testimonials

Susanne Nef, Dr. phil
"The app-based and self-directed PQ program was very insightful and instructive for me. Especially because the individual sessions are structured in such a way that they are relatively short and can thus be easily incorporated into my hectic everyday life. This integration into everyday life also means that you are not only sensitized to the content, but also to taking daily breaks and taking a step back to reflect on your own attitudes every day. I recommend the program with guidance from Monika to all people in phases of life that are turbulent and for people who are ready to work on themselves and want to do so on a personal level.

Personally, the exercises for changing one's perspective on challenges were very appealing to me, and were very forward-thinking and connecting. The support from Monika in the form of regular exchanges and weekly emails were also vessels that helped me a lot. Monika is a very appreciative, empathetic and competent coach in these processes. She knows how to professionally and skillfully point out blind spots at any time. Thank you very much Monika for your guidance."

Catherine Krajnik, language expert

"In the past, I often found myself starting new activities with great enthusiasm, only to see my motivation fade away over time. However, the eight-week mental fitness program that I completed with Monika's guidance was entirely different. The well-structured learning app helped me to keep my goals in focus, making it easy to maintain discipline and motivation throughout the program. Moreover, Monika's support through weekly emails and bi-weekly 1:1 check-ins greatly facilitated my learning process.


Before embarking on this program, I had spent years believing that people were either innately optimists or pessimists, and that mental training was exclusive to elite athletes, demanding a substantial time investment. With the Mental Fitness Program, I discovered a framework that enables me to work on my mental strength and practice positive mental fitness on a daily basis.


Since starting this program, I no longer feel at the mercy of negative stress. The experience has been both empowering and liberating. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to better cope with stress factors in both their professional and personal life."

Gwen Gisler, Team lead Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

"What have I learned for myself from this program? What has changed? - To reflect even more in everyday life. I realized: In every situation where I have feelings like fear, anger, disappointment - bad feelings, I am sabotaged. By myself!


I alone have it in my hand to catch myself and to take action. Or better yet, to recognize the signs and take a different path so that it doesn't escalate at all. Giving yourself empathy, even if you don't always succeed as you would like, is also part of the learning. It is a process not to believe everything your own inner saboteurs tell you.

I have learned to practice mindful body exercises in everyday life. Not only when I am invited to a sabotage act. Because then we fall back on our habits. In the daily training I acquired new habits. In the program, it is appropriately compared to muscle building in fitness.

These alone were such valuable insights that remembering my own resources felt like an additional great gift. To meet other people and especially myself with a big portion of empathy seems to be nothing difficult (anymore). Well, I admit that this seems easier in theory than it teaches me in practice. How many times am I stricter with myself than with everyone else? This needs a little more practice and I want to continue with it.

Valuable changes in my attitude like a "yes, and..." instead of a "yes, but..." set milestones for the future. The toolbox is well filled and now I stay on my mental fitness program and enjoy my happier life. If I wanted to summarize all that I have experienced and learned in a short, crisp and concise way, it would be in the following statement: "I am happier and more satisfied, and it feels incredibly great."

Why 3C Keller?​

Monika has worked intensively with mindset issues herself and struggled through the jungle of a work-life balance. She knows how to deal with challenges and resistance constructively and encourages you to find your own way. 


As a trained mediator, adult educator, PQ coach and project management professional, she helps you find clarity about your situation, make conscious decisions, create a plan and determine the first steps on your path. If you want, she will also accompany you on your way in the longer term, so that you stay safely on course and learn to deal even better with stumbling blocks and not lose sight of your goals. Together we are strong!

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